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On the Access rights page in the Account management section of the settings you can set up the rights of all users of the agency to perform actions with orders in the Websky system. To do this, you need to select a user or a user group and set the appropriate rights for them.

Users of Websky system can deny or allow: booking, cancellation, payment, checkout, etc. of orders in the corresponding components, which include Air Tickets, Hotels, Railway etc.

The following types of users are available on the form:

  • Guest - unregistered or unauthorized system user.
  • B2C - registered agency/company users with common rights.
  • B2B - agency/company managers as well as expert users.

By correlating the user group and type, you need to set the necessary settings by changing the values of checkboxes. Suppose it is necessary to prohibit all users of the company from cancelling air tickets. To do it, you should choose the company name in the upper part of the form, and set the ban on all types of users on the form. If it is necessary to allow/disable a certain user (for example, a manager), then select it in the header, and change the value of the checkbox on the form for the corresponding type - B2B.

Attention! There is inheritance in the access settings and there is no override for upper-level bans. This means that:

  • the settings set for the group/company/agency are inherited for all its users;
  • the group/company/agency ban cannot be removed for its individual user.

Attention! If it is necessary to disable/authorize any action for all users of the agency without exception, use the default group when configuring the setting.

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