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Cancellation — cancellation of the booking, refusal to embark on a trip. The circumstances and the cancellation procedure are prescribed in the contract when concluding a transaction for tour services.

Seat refunds (partial or full) in the GDS can be made both before and after the ticketing in accordance with the PNR created during the booking. When seats are canceled before the ticketing, recalculation with a passenger is not performed. If the seats were canceled by the cashier (operator) who did not execute the inintial ticket sale without the price recalculation with the passenger, the corresponding mark is put on the TCH blank. Touristic terminology has the notion of cancellation time. It is the number of days before the tour takes effect, when the cancellation can be executed without violating the contract terms and assumes refund of money on the order and don’t lead to any penalties. If the conditions of cancellation are violated, the violator pays the cancellation penalty. When a paid order is canceled, an error is possible: «Booking has full payment status». This error can appear in the cases when: it was an automatic cancellation; cancellation was executed by a user who is not able to make a refund; cancellation was made by user subagent by the click of a button "Cancel ticketing and release seats ", but this setting: "Enable access to cancellation of paid, but not ticketed orders (the parameter does not affect the agency users)" was disabled for that user. The availability of refunds is regulated through the «Orders» - «User Rights» section. When refunding, the availability of the order and the possibility of a refund are checked. Only a manager or expert can cancel a paid order.

Cancellation in Websky

In the Websky system, you can cancel the order after booking, if the time limit has not yet expired.

Cancellation may be:

  • Automatic - after the expiration of the timelimit set for the order, the system will cancel it automatically. Also, an automatic cancellation will be carried out if there was an error while booking and the segments/seats were not confirmed by the airline.
  • Manual - cancellation made by the user by clicking on the «Cancel» button. The process is similar to automatic cancellation with slight differences.

Example of request and response for order cancellation (english version of the article pending)


Voiding (english version of the article pending)

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