Voiding (Air tickets)

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Ticket voiding — cancellation of ticket sale on the day of booking.

Voiding via the system interface

Ticket voiding – to void a ticket in the Websky, press the «Cancel ticketing» button on the order page. Access to ticket voiding is customized in the Account managment → Access control section. When you click on the «Cancel ticketing» button after the time limit for voiding, a message will appear that the time for voiding is out. In this case, all actions with ticket return booking can be made only in the GDS terminal.

After the voiding the order will take the status «Booked». If this booking is no longer necessary, it must be canceled.

For TCH carriages, voiding is available only for 15 minutes. For other carriages, voiding is available within 24 hours.

To avoid problems when you accidentally click the «Cancel ticketing» button, this operation requires confirmation.

Voiding settings

Voiding confirmation

There are 2 types of voiding

  • Complete voiding — includes both ticketing and order cancellation. Enabled by the Enable access to cancellation of paid, but not ticketed orders (the parameter does not affect the agency users) setting in the Product control → Aviatickets → Processes → Ticketing process section.

If the agency has cancellation penalties set (the respective setting is turned on and the specific value of the penalty is established), during the full voiding the user will be shown a page confirming the agreement with the penalties.

Complete voiding is not interrupted at the stage of cancellation of the paid order, i.e. cancellation of an order with payment status is successful, and the seats are released. After the order is cancelled, the refund becomes available.

  • Regular voiding — ticketing cancellation with order status changed for «Booked».

Text resources

The names of the pop-up bar’s title, its buttons, the content of the information message in the regular voiding mode, the name of the ticketing cancel button on the order page, etc. can be changed in the Site control → Text resources section.

Voiding period

Voiding period — The time interval during which you can cancel the ticketing. The voiding period is determined by the settings in the Product control → Aviatickets → Packages and requisites → Requisites for GDS connection while editing particular requisites:

  • Voiding period — sets the time value in the hh:mm format. Depending of the value of Voiding period type setting either the specific time of the day during the ticketing day is determined, or the time interval from the time of ticketing.
  • Voiding period type — determines the method of calculating the time interval for ticketing cancellation. Possible values:
    • Fixed time of day — Voiding period is determined from the ticketing time to the end of the voiding period count during the ticketing day.
    • Time interval after ticketing— voiding period starts with ticketing and is valid for a period of time set in the Voiding period field.
  • Voiding period source — two sources are available:
    • settings — voiding period is set by the Voiding period type setting.
    • supplier — voiding period is set by the supplier.

! Voiding timelimit is returned only by GDS Sirena. For other GDSs, voiding timelimit is determined by settings.

! Make sure that the values of the settings do not contradict the restrictions on the order voiding time accepted in the GDS!

Default voiding period settings

If the settings are selected as the source and the voiding period is not specified, the default settings are applied.

GDS Voiding period Voiding period type
GDS Sirena 00:15 Time period after the ticketing
The rest GDSs 23:45 Fixed time of day

Examples of voiding settings combinations

Settings Values
Voiding period 23:15
Voiding period type Fixed time of day
Voiding period source settings

In this case, the voiding timelimit is set from the settings, and the voiding is available until 23:15 of the current day. If the order was issued at 23:10, then within 5 minutes, cancellation is available. Upon expiration of the timelimit, the user will receive a message: «The time for voiding is over». For orders issued after 23:15 and before the next day, voiding is not available.

Settings Values
Voiding period 00:30
Voiding period type Time period after the ticketing
Voiding period source settings

The time limit for voiding is set after ticketing and is valid for 30 minutes. For the order issued at 21:20, the voiding is available until 21:50.

Settings Values
Voiding period empty — absent/any
Voiding period type Fixed time of day or Time period after ticketing
Voiding period source supplier

If a supplier is selected as a source of data on the voiding period, then Voiding period and Voiding period type can be any, as the time limit for voiding comes from the supplier after the order is issued.

! We recommend setting Voiding period source to supplier only for GDS Sirena, as other providers do not return the voiding timelimit data.

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