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The Websky system provides the possibility to update orders. See Order synchronization (English version of the article pending) for details on how to set up conditions for synchronization of orders.

Price update

After booking a flight ticket, Websky has 2 requests to update your order:

The first one is launched when you choose any payment method, during it, the relevance of the reservation and the price are checked. When the price changes, the new price is written to the order, and the fees and charges are not recalculated. In the administrative part to disable or configure this request is not possible. The second request is launched before issuing a ticket, during it, the status of the order, price and the number of other parameters are also checked.Its launch can be configured in Product control → Avia tickets → Processes → Ticketing process, Update request before ticketing option.

Update before en.png.

Update settings

If synchronization is disabled, you can use the order update in the following cases:

  • Switch to payment;
  • Switch to printing;
  • Payment fixation.

The price update is enabled on the page System Settings → Background Processes → Triggers settings. The setting is component dependent.

Update en.png.

Attention! The cost of paid and issued orders is not updated.

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