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Autocancellator (automatic cancellator) is an independent service of the Websky system whose task is to cancel booked services at a certain time if certain criteria are met. Autocancellator does not allow any penalties that may arise when a booking is cancelled after the time limit has elapsed. This service is enabled by default for all clients, but can be disabled if necessary.

Autoannulator cancels all active unpaid bookings that have already reached the time limit.

Attention! В случае, когда билеты выпускает кассир в терминале, необходимо устанавливать для заказа в системе статус оплаты «Оплачено». Это можно сделать любым из доступных оффлайн-способов оплаты — оплата по квитанции, счету, в офисе и т.п. В противном случае имеется вероятность аннуляции заказа после ручной выписки билета.

Autocancellator work principle in Websky

The automatic cancellation starts regularly every 15 minutes and performs the following actions:

  • Search for all bookings with the status "Booked" and having the status "Not paid", for which the time limit (deadline for payment) is in the past (relative to the current moment).
  • Cancellation of found bookings.
  • Setting the status to "Cancelled" for cancelled bookings.

The time limits are set in the System settings → Background processes → Time limits section.

If the automatic annulator detects that the service has already been cancelled by the provider, it will simply change its status in the Websky system to "Canceled". The automatic annulator uses current settings of connection to the supplier. Therefore, if a booking is made in one environment (test/production) or requisites and then settings have been changed (or, for example, original GDS/supplier requisites have been deleted/changed), then Autocancellator will not be able to cancel this service as it will be absent in the new environment or requisites.

Attention! Websky time limits are stored only in it and have no interaction with the supplier's system. If an airline cashier in the terminal manually changes the time limit and does not manually update the corresponding order in Websky, this information will NOT be transmitted to Websky and the automatic cancellation will delete the booking according to the old time limit. At the moment, the only defense against booking cancellation by the time limit is the automatic cancellation for the order with the "Paid" status.

Attention! With other restrictions, the automatic cancellation is only applicable to those orders for which the departure date + 1 day has not yet been reached. This check is necessary to exclude booked orders that have not been issued before the departure date.

Possible malfunctions of the Autocancellator

Reasons why the automatic annulator may not work:

  • A technical failure in the Websky system.
  • Service start time and time limit value are the same.
  • The system detected the availability of issued tickets in the booking.

Attention! When cancelling a booking, the Websky system synchronizes booking status in Websky with PNR in the supplier's system (GDS). If the system detects booked ticket numbers (at least one) in the booking, the cancellation procedure will not be started. However, in some cases the ticket numbers in the supplier system may not appear instantly, but with some delay. Therefore, even if the ticket is issued by a cashier in the terminal, the system can cancel the booking with the expired time limit and without the "paid" status.

Disabling the Autocancellator

By default, the Autocancellator is activated in Websky system. To disable the automatic annulator, go to Site management → Domains and protocols page, find the option Enable auto cancellation of bookings and select 'No'.

Attention! It's highly recommended that you leave the Autocancellator on. In case of shutdown, the agency is responsible for tracking bookings that has not been removed.

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