The Nemo Travel System

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Main purpose and application field

The Nemo System (hereinafter System) is a web application with a set of related APIs and tools of electronic commerce, designed for tourist companies and agencies of air communications. The main purpose is the sale of air tickets, railway tickets, accommodation and other related services in real time. The System supports different operation modes of the GUI (graphical user interface) (b2b, b2c, b2b2c) and the universal software interface (SOAP XML/JSON API).

Legal information

The developer of the System Websky is LLC “NOVAYA STUDIA” (ITN 7720630640), operating under the brand Nemo Travel. The System is the intellectual property item. Certificate of state registration №2013619280 from 30.09.2013 issued by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia (ROSPATENT).

The developer

Nemo.Travel operates on the market of software for airlines and travel agencies since 2008. The head office is in Moscow, Russia. The main products of the company are The Nemo Travel System for travel agencies and The Websky System for airlines. The company is an authorized developer and partner of global distributional systems. The System undergoes GDS regular certification.

Nemo Travel offers the following statuses:

The process of developing and customer service is based on quality standard; the company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008

The System

The System contains interfaces for the web services of the GDS/CRS reservation systems, as well as interfaces for systems of extra service providers. The application performs routing of search requests to the reservation systems and processes the obtained results on the basis of the settings entered into the System and business rules. Similarly, the application interacts with the reservation system while ordering and the secondary operations. An integration with payment systems allows users to pay for their orders in real time. The System provides the ability to work both with content in the location of the agency and in locations of partner agencies (consolidators and brokers), using the appropriate bank details.

Types of contents

The System includes the following types of contents (services) available for booking and registration: air and train tickets, accommodation. The System includes a separate GUI for each type of content. It is also possible to sell related extra services in the upsale / cross sale mode of the System (sale during the reservation of basic service or after finishing it) without the allocation of the related services purchase in a separate graphical interface. It can be made through the addition of specialized upsale/cross-sale unit in the booking interface of the main service. The additional features available in the System include insurance, reservation of trains Aeroexpress, and any services, which configuration is available in the administrative panel of the System.

Available contents

Air tickets
Sirena Travel
GDS Amadeus
GDS Sabre
Travelport (Galileo uAPI)
SITA Gabriel
Avia Center Charters
Amadeus Content Inn
Other services

Main functional modules of the system and their purpose

  • Search module and booking tickets module with the support of automated ticketing operations, secondary operations (exchange, refund) and the sale of additional services of air carriers with the formation of the EMD. The module provides the ability to work in BSP, TCH, ARC neutral sessions, and work in the session of the airline.
  • Train tickets selling module with the support of automatic operations of issuance and return of train tickets.
  • The module of search and booking of accommodation (hotels and apartments) with support of automatic voucher registration of accommodation.
  • The MIddle office module is designed to work with reservations and manage profile and user preferences.
  • The Corporative module is designed to control travel policies and approval processes of staff business trips.
  • The Nemo.Inventory module is designed to control its own inventory of seats by charter flights clients (affreighters) and holders of units and to sale this inventory of seats through the System. The module allows you to enter data about inventories, seats, fares and rules of their application, to work with the flight reservations.
  • The Pricing Policy module is designed to manage extra charges, discounts and commissions when working with buyers. This module is exceptionally flexible in terms of the ability to use pricing business rules with advanced configuration. For example, pricing policy in the section Tickets contains more than 60 parameters depending on which it is possible to control extra charges and transportation comissions).
  • The Credit limits module is designed to control not-to-exceed limits in cash for shipment to contractors of air and railway tickets, hotels and other services.
  • The Analytics, statistics and reporting module is designed for quick access to the analytical information to monitors of the System’s enquiries and sales current state and to statistical reports of key indicators of sales. It is possible to obtain the original data for further processing and upload to the data store.

The functionality of b2b

The main function of b2b mode of System is to help accomplish the most urgent tasks faced by consolidators and large agencies while working with subagent network. Graphical interface in b2b mode is designed taking into account the need to automate routine processes of subagent and to simplify the work in b2b terminal, to make it clear and effective. At the same time, the agent has all the key tools to supervise the subagent.

The main functions of b2b System are
The input and storage of subagent profiles with the possibility of automatic download of subagents information from the CRM System of the agency;
Configuration of multi-level subagent networks providing opportunities for the subagent to control a lower hierarchy.
Flexible control of extra charges, discounts, commissions of subagent, depending on the commercial conditions for the content;
Control of the requests routing for search and booking of content. The control is based on business rules, taking into account the set parameters on the profitability of sales while working simultaneously in multiple locations.
Defining of business rules such as commission, discounts, fees, limits for groups of subagents for each specific account within a subagent;
Distinction of subagent’s access rights to reservation;
Providing automatic and semi-automatic mode of processing reservations and secondary operations;
Accounting of deposits and management of credit limit and credit status of the subagent with the possibility of getting information from the :CRM System of the agency;
Providing the subagent with an opportunity to fix additional fees and charges;
Automatic unloading of the information about orders to the accounting System of the agency;
Flexible configuration of the set of locations for booking and registration for each subagent.
The installation of Whitelabel module on the web site of the subagent.
Branding of the System interface and outgoing documents (alerts, itinerary receipt) to the subagent styles.

Working with subagent network by means of a System, the agency is able to provide its subagents not only with GUI, but also with the possibility of integration on a single XML API, which is similarly to the GUI will take into account all features, content and price settings. In addition to the functional capabilities, provided in the System directly for subagents, the System has the next additional specialized functions designed to work with corporate clients:

  • Input and storage of the information about the corporate clients of the agency;
  • Setting of travel policies for each type of content available to the corporate client in the System;
  • Visual indication of the compliance of the chosen option to travel policy;
  • Managing the rights of approvers in the System and adjustment of their actions in approval of requests for business trips booking;
  • Specialized reports for corporate clients (travel calendar).

The functionality of b2c

The b2c mode addresses the most frequent and resource-intensive tasks faced by online travel agencies every day. The System meets all the requirements of the modern online booking platforms, interacting with the end-users and has the following features:

  • Graphical booking interface, implemented as a widget for easy embedding on the web site of online travel Agency into the CMS of Agency
  • Adaptive design and interface layout for effective work with the System both from fixed and mobile devices.
  • High-speed search and the System calculation of the received combinations including the work of the Agency in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Use of data from cookies, browser and IP address to guarantee the comfortable interaction with the System to user
  • Accounting system of transitions of the traffic source in order to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion channels and sales
  • Flexible control system of extra charges and discounts depending on commercial conditions on the booking content and transition sources
  • Functionality «Promo code and discount coupons» for organizing promotional campaigns
  • Functionality to improve sales return is managed rerating, automatic redirection of order to more gainful locations, working with private rates, etc.
  • Various payment methods are available: online, in the partners’ offices, payment on credit etc.
  • Automated secondary operations and selling extra services.
  • Plug&play integration with meta-search systems, including the functionality for the reconciliation of reports and calculation of the partner’s reward.
  • The data cache search
  • Personal account of the customer with access to orders and profile
  • Flexible control of users’ authorization and possibility of authorization using the information from a social network profile
  • Personal SMS and e-mail alert system
  • Personal online agency account with access to the orders control, interfaces for typical operations with orders for online agency’s call center
  • Queue system for working with orders in the agency
  • Automatic monitoring and blocking of suspicious transactions
  • Automatic cancellation of orders not paid on time
  • And much more

The system has developed set of XML and JSON API available to the agency. It can be used for independent development of separate applications needed (e.g. mobile or web apps). The GUI System interface can be customized by the agency independently, without an attraction of the developer specialists.


The system is controlled through the establishment of business rules and settings, available to administrators of the system in control panel. The following settings can be installed through the control panel:

  • Personal settings of users and groups, their rights and roles
  • The System interface settings, redesigning of styles and user scripts
  • Alerts settings of key events in the process of reservation and booking services
  • Settings of working processes with currency rates and data formats
  • Setting of limits when working with the System
  • Search routing and booking settings
  • Queue orders control settings
  • Localization settings (language versions of GUI)
  • Payment methods and content provider settings
  • Settings of integration with external systems and services
  • Security settings

The log history and the link on logs of messages between the System and GSD/CRS, payment and mail systems are available in the control panel. The sections of the control panel have the manual for users explaining the principle of the specific settings section.


During the development and operation of the System much attention is paid to security issues. The system meets the required standards of data protection and has special functions ensuring optimum security and protection against unauthorized access, which include, for example, monitoring and logging of suspicious transactions, secure connection with cross-domain authorization, verification procedures, etc. Working with payment cards is provided in accordance with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard, 3 level.

Hosting and technical support

The system is distributed as a SaaS service hosted on the Nemo Travel server, located in data centers of Russia and Europe and certified according to safety standards. The guaranteed uptime of the system is 0,9899. Technical support guarantees are based on the formal agreement on the declared level of service (Service Level Agreement | SLA). Support services are in English and Russian languages. Regular technical support is provided on weekdays during working hours, emergency support for critical cases is provided round-the-clock by the telephone hotline. Agencies-users are provided with round-the-clock access to the reference information.